Oh Society!

Oh society,
It’s simply a human world
And we are it’s pearl,
To live in it’s whirl
Let’s make the stay joyful.

Oh society,
Confront not with rudeness
For it’s to live with happiness,
You don’t have a slight view of it
How your words can make hearts split.

Oh society,
I and you and they and those
Are just successive flows,
Neither forever nor never
But only till fates favor.

Oh society,
Speak with love
Act with tender,
Put on the kindness glove
And witness your life turn wonder.

Neither a Choice Nor an Option

Neither a choice, nor an option
That’s how is depression.
Not like no way out
Will needs to sprout.

Hold not anxiety need not panic
Need to pray and be pacific.
Your lack makes you sick
Just accept the happening scenic.
For its gone and gone for will
If not forever, it will complete it’s fill.

Chill and calm and slay
Happily accept all it’s play
And let the fate come it’s way.

The Seafarer’s Sail

Seafarer, sail the wavy trails,
Be there squalls of hails
Or be bergs of fails
Stand persistent to sails.

Seafarer, waves mean to stop,
But your sails dream a voyage
Don’t let the waves mark a stop
Have a voyage throughout age.

Seafarer, travel around n admire,
The beauty of an all new desire
Be the companion to marines
In the lap of baltic serene.